FAR​-​007: "Lost Wards"

by Forced Abandonment Records

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released April 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Forced Abandonment Records New Jersey

Forced Abandonment Records is a small DIY punk, hardcore, noise, and in between record label from New Jersey specializing in releasing what we like. Est. 2015.

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Track Name: Cotard - Ten Days
Ten days in a fucking mad-house, how long can you last?
Keys are the only difference between patients and the staff.

This place, this ward
This room is my tomb
Ten days in a...

Shit is smeared up on the wall, the hallways smell like piss.
Where the fuck is the patient care, was there something that I missed?

This place, this ward
This room is my tomb
Ten days in a mad-house.
Track Name: Cotard - Thorazine
1950’s breakthrough in the scientific world
Take this pill twice a day and you can be cured

Thorazine promises the chance of new life
Lack of community resources defines patient plight

No medication monitoring leads to decompensated brains
Readmittance rises, overcrowding begins again

Politicians blame hospitals for creating institutionalized minds
Yet they’re the ones who called for these individuals to be confined.
Track Name: Cotard - Deinstitutionalization
Jails become new asylums as hospitals shut their doors
Even aware of this knowledge the suffering are largely ignored

Politicians promise reform and ensure it will prevail
But they are the reason why deinstitutionalization failed

Community care never amounts, the government never tried
Patients return to the hospital, rates of recidivism rise

Politicians promised reform, ensured it would prevail
But they are the reason why deinstitutionalization failed
Track Name: Cotard - Nellie's Report
“What a mysterious thing madness is. I have watched patients whose lips are forever sealed in a perpetual silence. They live, breathe, eat; the human form is there, but that something, which the body can live without, but which cannot exist without the body, was missing. I have wondered if behind those sealed lips there were dreams we ken not of, or if all was blank?”

“I have watched patients stand and gaze longingly toward the city they in all likelihood will never enter again. It means liberty and life; it seems so near, and yet heaven is not further from hell.”
Track Name: Cotard - No Visitors
No one called and no one came
Outside I heard the rain
Maybe someday I’ll want to leave
But these four wall are all I need

Depression and confusion.
This loneliness cripples me.
Track Name: Cotard - Committed
I see your stares
I hear your thoughts
What the fuck is that smell?
The water tastes like steel
The food is poisoned shit
I know there’s a camera hidden here

Who the fuck is whispering?
What the fuck do they want?
Why isn’t anybody answering me?
When the fuck will this end?

I refuse to sit in silence!
Track Name: Cotard - Chemical Restraint
Haldol and Ativan, the combo 5 and 2
This will bring them down, there’s nothing they can do

Better living through chemistry
That is what they say
Time to snow them in
They’ll sleep all day

When everything else fails we will offer Clozaril
We will destroy their personality with just one pill
Track Name: Cotard - Life Sentence
When doctors gave patients a diagnosis they’d reject
No progress in treatment could yet begin

Life sentence

When placed on medication, their behaviors are controlled
Easy redirection, they do as they’re told

Life sentence

Community-based care is a fucking sham

Life sentence

The hospital is their only sense of home

Life sentence