FAR​-​010: "Clockwatcher"

by Moot Point

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released April 16, 2016



all rights reserved


Forced Abandonment Records New Jersey

Forced Abandonment Records is a small DIY punk, hardcore, noise, and in between record label from New Jersey specializing in releasing what we like. Est. 2015.

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Track Name: Propane
feed me propane
drain my blood
all life is consigned
whether we like it or not
dangle a carrot
increase the shock
always falling short
of being good enough
cut others short
boast your ability
shining unredeeming qualities
Track Name: Dust
finger on the pulse
clenching your copper tight
wading in the dust
hemorrhage behind your eyes
brain stutters in the skull
admitting your downfall
take only what you need
a paycheck for all
Track Name: What Was It You Wanted?
I'm at the end of my rope
I stare straight into the sky
I can see my breath
I can see your eyes
tunneling down until they hit the galaxy
what was it you wanted from me?
to hear or to listen
to you its the same thing
we're all here to commune
but it's just hooks you bring
a familiar motion of casting out your line
waiting for a bite to become the master of my time
something in the way your eyes peer up and your head tilts down
reminding yourself of a self appointed crown
something isn't clicking
how could you not care
if I'm just yessing you or a vacant stare
I don't like to admit this
but you've given me no choice
it seems you like the sound of your own voice
Track Name: Snow
and it's just like snow
dip your shovels in the liquid gold
your fingers get hot as they pull down my soul
I'll sleep outside your comfort is my goal
I want to be the salt that will ice your road
chemical oceans wear off hard and slow
this rocky foundation begins to erode
Track Name: Self-Doubt
the self soaked in self-doubt
energy squandered just to keep you at bay
a whirlwind of hubris and medicine
life ticks by in a five by five
disease of conceit
it’s sickness and it’s shame
things that I do/to stay the same
conversations keep repeating
were lying to ourselves
I'm lying to you
we self diagnose our own self dread
we're taught to keep everything in
Track Name: Mundane
mundane with a capital M
lay me down on the entrance ramp
do you want to know
how much nothing it takes
to drive the last sense of purpose out of your brain
bag it and box it
living down to a T
sending away
the rest of our dreams
Track Name: Irene
my feet touch the cold floor
but I don't feel it no more
what do we do
if the storms never through
the sunlight comes in
so I pull back the shade
how I've squandered my days
a dog grabs a ball
but I deny his plea
I just don’t want him to think less of me
I haven't looked in the mirror/in two whole weeks
I might smile but I won't show my teeth
Track Name: Living In Waves
nothing is gained
anything saved has been lost to the drain
I can’t sleep I can’t eat
months of no relief
halfway underground
and I've had it up to here
why numb a life of choices I've made
monotonous rhythms make you feel like a slave
the american lie is not for me
let the waves lull me to sleep
Track Name: Caffeine Whore
if it wasn't for this coffee and two hours of sleep
I'd barely be able to stand on my own two feet
and the sunrise isn't the same as it used to be
and this fucking depresses me
my mind is more active in my sleep
people I see everyday sit quietly in their seats
a frustration kicked down to the floor
of course you caffeine whore
america runs over me every
bright and early
I'll be sure to set my alarm