FAR​-​012: Permanent Tension tape

by Permanent Tension



50 green tapes


released April 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Forced Abandonment Records New Jersey

Forced Abandonment Records is a small DIY punk, hardcore, noise, and in between record label from New Jersey specializing in releasing what we like. Est. 2015.

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Track Name: 1. The Saddest Smile
When the dead
Visit in dreams
Whispering messages
Remain asleep

It's hard to decipher what their intentions were especially due to the brief nature of the visitation

What was wanted?
What was needed?
Was something wanted?
Was something needed?

Will you return and when will it be?
If you return, what will you bring?

You told me about "a kind of sort of man who lived in a castle"

Then you smiled and then you cried

I'm gonna leave my feelings swinging in the breeze
I'm gonna leave my cares hanging from a tree
I'm gonna leave my pain blowing in the silent breeze
Track Name: 2. A Passage for Trumpet
Long ago comfort was found in desolation
Years later the flood returned
Lungs again filled with water

(the sun offered no relief to a town set to drown)

Desperation in seeking shelter from the rain
Turn to past defenses that are now ineffective
Weakened walls crack and crumble into rubble
The downpour drowned what seeds had remained

When will these clouds dissipate?
When will these clouds dissipate?
When will these clouds dissipate?
Options offered, decision made