FAR​-​014: "Shimmers"

by Scary Stories

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released May 10, 2016



all rights reserved


Forced Abandonment Records New Jersey

Forced Abandonment Records is a small DIY punk, hardcore, noise, and in between record label from New Jersey specializing in releasing what we like. Est. 2015.

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Track Name: Materialize
turn turn turn up the volume
drown everything and everyone out
peel back my eyelids
fix my head so i can't look away
incorporeal inc.:
an automaton corporation
intruding on intimate information
hoarding the data to inform me
of everything i like/want/need
nostalgia and novelty
bombard me subconsciously
bombard me subconsciously
scrutinize my only privacy
worship, praise and idolize
the things we buy
worship, praise and idolize
material lies
iWant out
Track Name: Hand-Eye
peeping tom with splintered hands
eyes wide- a fantasy
sees only what he doesn't feel
too concerned with what he can't have
to embrace any shimmer within his grasp
time for bed shakes his head again
his eyes just aren't red enough yet
a fixated jerk-off junkie
an incessant dependency
id-ridden ego obesity
a severe lack of intimacy
strike him blind
tear out his fucking eyes
Track Name: Cold Wind
shelf of shiny trophies breeding entitlement
built upon defaulted recompense
and all the confidence of a hollowed wreck
force-fed kids shit empty bottled cliches
as important lessons whither away
a game of shadow tag on the play ground
musical chairs where no one gets out
round and round as the cold wind blows...
and what are we teaching the kids
when we manipulate experience?
and what are we teaching the kids
when the loser wins?
no more underdogs and no more heroes
just fragile skinned delusional zeroes
if these kids are the future we're fucked
and that's on us
Track Name: Adrift
describe myself in just 3 words?
unfulfilled, tired and bored
knocked off kilter in a familiar place
saturated filters:
contaminate, infiltrate, litter and waste.
a frantic need
a need to please
adrift a conscious stream
a frantic need
a need to please
a watered down version of me
i think, re-think
i think again
Track Name: The Absentee
distractions speak louder than words
i'm never really where i am anymore
it's go go go and never slow
cruise controlled down a dead end road
and does the end justify the means
if i neglect the shimmer in between?
untarnished beauty I fail to see
the roadside blurry as I focus on on me me me
a sympathy card from the absentee-
another fucking futile apology
with solemn muted dialogue resounding over grieving songs:
a beautiful communion at the funeral reunion
a morning routine catastrophe
can't identify the body
let out a sorry sigh of lost grief
a brief moment for the deceased
forge on drenched in utter disregard
live in the moment when we have no choice
filling holes/revealing voids
Track Name: Diorama
lost...in a haze of glory days
"remember when?" and "it was so much better then"
caught...in the trap of a town
plagued by ghostly remains
of the simple days
deadpan faces being chipped away on weathered statues firmly set in place
barely surviving through stagnant years as water drips through cracks like tears
dormant display of desolate decay
the cadaver oath proudly proclaims:
"I'll never leave. I'll never change"
in rust we trust
trap me yeah tame me
please domesticate me
lock me up safely
on dormant display"
well you can visit.
come in.  please, stay.
yes, yes the exhibit's plans have been long laid
and i'll see to it- that your bed is made
deadpan faces and ghostly remains
trap you and tame you
mold and domesticate you
lock you up safely
on dormant display