FAR​-​016: "Psalm 39"

by Cephalopods And Their Allies



released August 1, 2016



all rights reserved


Forced Abandonment Records New Jersey

Forced Abandonment Records is a small DIY punk, hardcore, noise, and in between record label from New Jersey specializing in releasing what we like. Est. 2015.

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Track Name: Springtime In Hell
Aren’t you afraid of wasting your days, all of our time spent waiting? I hate to assume there must be some truth in darkness and light both fading. If I find a way, I’ll sneak past the gates for another try. In some other life, we’d figure a way to make this right. Right? Yeah, I still believe in a world where someone like me could be warm and happy with all that he had, if I had it all. But if this is the end, I will be brave.