FAR​-​020: "Sanity Assassin"

by Forced Abandonment Records

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released October 13, 2016



all rights reserved


Forced Abandonment Records New Jersey

Forced Abandonment Records is a small DIY punk, hardcore, noise, and in between record label from New Jersey specializing in releasing what we like. Est. 2015.

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Track Name: Insular EP: 1. Strange List/2. Survival of the Fit/3. Mindless/4. Insidious
1. Strange List:
Mindless, I'm sitting at the edge of my seat, I'm staring through their emptiness.
I have no strength left. Like a fucking disease, I'm about to be compromised. You don't know what the fuck it's like to be hiding behind these lines.
Pull up the bridge and stand on the sword.
No need for words when your life has no hope.
Seeing the pain seeing the worst
I cringe at the sight of us being no more.

2. Survival of the Fit:
Blinded from the crust in their eyes.
Feeling numb and ignorant to the drugs we demand they supply,
How did come to this shit, natural selection, survival of the fit. We sell it off to the kids, breaking every hope and dream to the parents that live.
It's that little sparkle, in every child's eye, gives us the strength to provide. Watch the society crumble, passionate times turned into meaningless lies. How did it come to this shit. Natural selection, survival of the fit.

3. Mindless
People running in circles, while their village is burning up.
Never felt so ambiguous, to the choices that brought this on.
How does it feel to be fucking insular. To play the game of a fucking coward. To feel so unsure. This is so pointless, the time is running lost.

4. Insidious:
Mark them for worship, make them for peace. designs all the symbols that plan their release. into the sunset, with lives that combine, a radical movement, one moment to shine. We sit here and wait. We pray to create, HOME! A fucking chance to be a part of what we want! HOME! A fucking chance to explore our every thought.
Track Name: The Chronicles EP: 1. Children Of The Night (Feat. Tohm Bakelas)/2. All Bark, No Bite (Feat. Paul Alan)/3. Reality Of It Is (Wade Culleny)/4. Choke Collar (Feat. Scott Earth)
1. Children Of The Night (Feat. Tohm Bakelas):
I saw a butterfly come crashing through the window
I heard a rat in the engine and didn’t know what to do
I sucked in poison gas as I saw our decline
I sat in denial and didn’t care, I had to try
And don’t you dare say we didn’t try
It was the first time we ever tasted life
Something’s are meant to last and something’s are meant to drown
I’ll never forget the times we had, but sometimes I regret never doing more
Two false deaths and a lot to show
But I’ve become exhausted and I miss my home.

2. All Bark, No Bite (Feat. Paul Alan):
oh so fucking eager to go along for the ride
but never willing to be the one who drives

so sick of sorry excuses and made up fucked-up fairy tales
of slow and steady
and dumb and petty
and never admitting "i'm not ready"

oh so fucking eager to go along for the ride
but never willing to be the one who drives

and you're just like me
all bark, no bite
you're just like me
goals out of sight
and you're just like me
all bark...no bite

3. Reality Of It Is (Wade Culleny):
I'm searching the pawn shops looking for clocks.
It's the only thing that doesn't stop when It breaks down on me.
I'm having a hard time sticking with luck.
You can't pay the bills with the hopes and dreams of a lottery.

But the power of Fame, the pain destroys your state of mind.
Forget the ones that loved, the strength, the trust, the past, denied.
To have the feeling of guilt to know you sleep in a bed of lies
but the reality of it is confined.

You can work your ass off. You can run and cry.
You can own a business, or hustle everynight.
The reality of it is, it just won't come to you.
So quit your fucking bitching and do what you gotta do.

4. Choke Collar (Feat. Scott Earth):
They wanna tell what you’re thinking is feeding the disease
They wanna tell you everything and hoping you believe
They wanna say you’re always wrong and hoping you repent
They tell you save your money but tomorrows already spent
They Wanna say they’re right when we know they’re fucking wrong
They wanna tell you everything and how to sing your song
Opinions blanket everything it’s feeding you like death
Our moral compass and shattered dreams are all we have left
They wanna tell us what to say FUCK YOU
They wanna tell us what to do FUCK YOU
They wanna tell us who to be FUCK YOU
They wanna tell us everything….
Track Name: At High Stakes
This is a stick up, No body move, do what i say, stay out of my way,
It's very important you listen to me,
one fucking flinch you're dead in the grave.

Do what is best and show me the safe,
Don't be a hero just give me the bank,
you wanna play good cop, today's not your day,
i'm sure you have kids you'd like to go see.

Know your limits, now is the time.
Just stay focused you will be just fine.
Above all argument, Theres no need to cry.
I want the fucking money, you'll be just fine.
Track Name: Equality
Don't tell me who to be,
I'll be the man I wanna be,
I don't care for your racist bullshit,
Freedom turned to misery,
I think that every life's important,
You bleed like me they like me,
I think your views are full of horse shit,
You bleed like me they like me,
Equality, Equality, Equality

I hate the fucking morons that are running the show,
bestowing racism to children that whats wrong with this world,
the hate upon religion will never die,
just mind your fucking business let them lives their lives,
I find kind of funny, I find of kind of sad,
you think you're fucking perfect, I think you're full of shit!
you think you're fucking perfect, I think you're full of shit!
Track Name: Wanting More
A desperate man with no self esteem,
Always beaten from the head to the knees.

It's the reason he always cries,
It's also why hes never felt so alive,
Again and again and again,
Always seems to be asking for more,
Until hes cold on the floor

It's the way he likes to live his life,
Until the day he dies he always wants more.
Track Name: Flight Risk
These are troubled times.

A fire in the sky and to fight the sky almost seems meaningless in the world of perfect disorder.
We try to seem clever at best.
Always screaming that we are perfect for slaughter. That we're ready to slaughter.

It's a game of chance and hypocrisy.
We depend on the allegiance that promise us.
That our soil will never see war.
To believe what they're saying is almost impossible.
Track Name: Bravery
I am, fighting for a difference in life.
To be brave and to stand a fight!

We're getting weaker and they're trying to destroy us. Fighting for a freedom that seems to be worthless.
This is a country that's built on all lies. To think that things will change is just a thought in your mind.

I am, fighting for a difference in life.
To be brave and to stand a fight!

You see the difference between me and you.
Your selfish act of greed has distract you from the truth.
I don't believe them!
Neither should you!
Track Name: Open Eyes
I've try to say it's gone away but the trouble still remains.
To feel the pain and agony of a past you can not change.
You see the good and you see what's right but you still choose to hide.

I know about your anxiety.
I know you have the strength to stand up.

What's so wrong with this world that makes you fall down. I do not understand your reasons why.
Track Name: Frozen
I think I've lost the self control to leave it be, leave it alone. Fighting for a different rush, the hand that feeds is old and fragile.

I'm having problems trying to decide. Changing my mind makes me greedy this time. It's the cold air that I breath every night. The feeling of chills going down my spine.

I know it's real, I'm loving it. Spikes through my skin. I can't get enough.
Track Name: Mission Complete
It's a game of fact and theory.
We will shadow everyone with smog.
Take time to eliminate and start shredding peace and love.

Mission complete, we silenced the man, you won't hear from them, you'll never see them again.
We took time to master out our crime. To take lives and turn it to suicide.
You claim disorder, we claim perfection. We're into it. We fight for it. No more pity, no one left to cry.
Run around in circles the pleasure is mine.
Somethings eating at me and I don't know why. Maybe it cries from the children that died. I thought that this could be easier. But the slaughter the lives the difference